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The longest and the most famous railway journey in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway traverses the whole expanse of Russia from Europe to the Orient. Experience the vastness and grandeur of Russia's rarely visited interior and the very best of Mongolia.

Season: 2020

"There is no railway journey of comparable length anywhere in the world. The Trans-Siberian is the big train ride. All the rest are peanuts." Eric Newby.

Few other journeys enable the passenger to relax so completely during their course, and to become lost in the rhythm of the journey as time zones and the urgency to arrive both become meaningless.

Whilst there are many packages available from other tour operators on the Trans-Siberian Railway, nearly all will involve travel on the regular Trans-Siberian trains - which have nothing but the most basic facilities. What is unique about this tour programme is that it specialises only in travel by high quality Private Trains.

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Trans-Siberian Express onboard The Golden Eagle

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