Grand Train Tour Of Switzerland : Itineraries & Dates

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland Itineraries and Departure Dates

Departure Dates:

  • Departs *daily between Apr 01 – Oct 13, 2019. Travel must be completed by 13th Oct, 2019. 

*The Gotthard Panorama Express operates Tuesday - Sunday from 21 Apr - 14 Oct, 2019. The Gotthard Panorama Express does not operate on Mondays due to train maintenance. Alternate transport can be taken when the Gotthard Panorama Express isn't operating.


The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland package offers 10 days of travel covering the popular scenic trains, including the famous Glacier Express, and an excursion to Europe's highest-altitude railway station, the Jungfraujoch.

  • This itinerary can be done in the reverse direction and additional nights can added, otherwise no amendments can be made.
  • We recommend adding additional nights to the itinerary if you wish to have more free time to explore a destination.
Day 1
(Travel from any Swiss Airport or border town to Interlaken)

Travel to Interlaken via Lucerne. Once in Lucerne, enjoy town squares, churches and steamships on Lake Lucerne. Then take the beautiful GoldenPass Line over the Brünig Pass to Interlaken.

Timetable tips!

  • The GoldenPassLine between Lucerne to Interlaken takes just under 2 hours with approx. 10 departures each day.
  • Seat reservations are optional
Day 2
(Excursion to Jungfraujoch)

A visit to the world famous Jungfraujoch -- top of Europe: a sparkling snow and ice wonderland accessed through the highest altitude railway station in Europe, and once in back in Interlaken, continue on through the scenic Simme Valley to Montreux on Lake Geneva.

Timetable tips!

  • The first train to Jungfraujoch leaves Interlaken at 6:35am. Trains then run hourly, at 5 minutes past the hour. The last train leaves from the Jungfraujoch at 16:40. The journey from Interlaken Ost takes 2.5 hours each way, a total of 5 hours return.
  • Seat reservations are not required
Day 3
(Interlaken - Montreux)

Travel on through the scenic Simme Valley to Montreux on Lake Geneva.

Timetable tips!

  • The train from Interlaken to Montreux takes just over 3 hours via Zweisimmen. Take the 11am service to arrive into Montreux at 2:13pm.
  • Seat reservations are optional for the GoldenPassLine (except VIP seats from Zweisimmen to Montreux which are compulsory to reserve).
Day 4
(Montreux - Martigny - Zermatt)

From Lake Geneva, you'll travel to Martigny -- the gateway to Great St Bernard and Forclaz Pass. Continue on via Visp to Zermatt.

Timetable tips!

  • The train from Montreux - Martigny takes 30-34 minutes on an Interregio train. There are 2 departures an hour from 6:05am til midnight.
  • The journey from Martigny - Zermatt, via Visp, takes around 2hrs with 2 departures an hour until 9:40pm.
  • Seat reservations are not required for any of these trains.
Day 5

Enjoy the day exploring Zermatt and it’s surroundings. You could travel on the Gornergrat, one of Europe’s highest open-air clog railways.

Day 6
(Zermatt - St Moritz)

This legendary stretch includes a ride on the Glacier Express from the Matterhorn village to the resort town of St Moritz.

Timetable tips!

  • Travel duration on the Glacier Express is around 8 hours.
  • 08.52 Zermatt departure - 16.50 St. Moritz arrival (summer)
  • Seat reservations are compulsory for the Glacier Express
Day 7 
(St Moritz)

Explore this Alpine village for the day where you can enjoy traditional hiking, mountain biking or maybe a romantic carriage ride around the lake.

Day 8
(St Moritz - Lugano)

Two routes lead to Lugano in Switzerland's sunny south. In summer, choose the Bernina Express train to Tirano (Italy), then bus to Lugano.

Timetable tips!

  • Travel duration 8 hours in Summer (bus only runs in Summer)
    St. Moritz-Tirano (by train, travel time 2.30 h)
    Tirano-Lugano (by bus, travel time 3.19 h)
  • Seat reservations are compulsory on the Bernina Express
Day 9
(Lugano - Lucerne)

Few things will take your breath away like the Gotthard Panorama Express. Combining rail and waterway travel, this 5-hour trip starts with scenic rail before connecting to a spectacular 2.5-hour Lake Lucerne steamer boat ride.

Timetable tips!

  • Travel duration on the Gotthard Panorama Express (incl. change of trains): 5.13 hr Lugano-Flüelen (by train, travel time 2.11 h change trains in Bellinzona) OR
    Locarno-Flüelen (by train, travel time 1.59h )
    Flüelen-Lucerne (by boat, travel time 1.59 h)
  • Seat reservations are compulsory for the Gotthard Panorama Express
Day 10
(Depart from Lucerne)
Travel from Lucerne to any Swiss Airport or Bordertown.